Roles We Specialise In...

First Grade specialises in providing a comprehensive range of administrative professionals who are adept at ensuring the smooth functioning of your organisation. Our offerings include:

Administrative Support Officer:

Seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge in managing administrative tasks, streamlining operations, and facilitating efficient workflows.

Data Entry Officer:

Meticulous individuals skilled in accurate data entry, contributing to the maintenance of precise and organised records.

Personal/Executive Assistant:

Trustworthy and skilled assistants who provide indispensable support to top executives, enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Administration Assistant:

Efficient individuals who contribute to daily operational tasks, contributing to the overall efficiency of the organisation.

Call or Contact Centre Team Leader:

Experienced leaders who oversee and guide contact centre operations, ensuring optimal customer interactions and team performance.

Customer Service Officer:

Dedicated professionals who uphold the highest standards of customer service, fostering positive relationships between your organisation and its clients.

Office Support:

Versatile individuals who assist in various office related tasks, enabling a cohesive and efficient work environment.

Receptionist / Switchboard Operator:

Friendly and efficient front line professionals who manage communication and contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.

Indigenous Ownership and Certification

First Grade Group proudly holds the distinction of being a Supply Nation Certified Indigenous Business.

This certification underscores our commitment to being majority owned, controlled and managed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We are dedicated to creating opportunities, fostering inclusivity and contributing to the advancement of Indigenous businesses in Australia's diverse corporate landscape.

Leading Provider of Recruitment Services

First Grade Group stands at the forefront of the recruitment services industry.

With an unwavering dedication to quality, excellence and a personalised approach, we excel in delivering high performance, game changing talent to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Our industry insights, rigorous selection process and commitment to building lasting partnerships make us the preferred choice for organisations seeking unparalleled recruitment solutions.

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