Why Choose Us?

  • Indigenous owned and managed SME
  • Local, State and Federal Government experience
  • Flexible payrolling and remuneration options for contractors
  • Extensive experience with VMS systems
    • Fieldglass
    • Beeline
    • VendorPanel
    • C-net
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Social Responsibility Program
  • Integrated employment checks as part of recruitment methodology
  • Customer Service focus to continually meet and exceed client expectations

Service Offerings:

Pre Advertising Strategy:
  • We initiate the recruitment process with an initial meeting to understand your unique requirements and devise a candidate attraction strategy that aligns with your organisational goals.
  • Acting as the primary point of contact, we manage all aspects of the advertisement process.
  • Leveraging our advanced tools, we ensure your job postings reach a diverse and extensive candidate base, maximizing exposure.
  • Our experienced team handles the meticulous task of shortlisting.
  • We actively participate in shortlisting meetings and compile a comprehensive report for presentation to the selection panel.
  • We meticulously record all shortlisting decisions and panel moderation outcomes.
  • We engage in personalised phone communication with all shortlisted candidates, informing them of their progression and testing requirements.
  • Scheduling interviews and promptly confirming details with shortlisted candidates is part of our seamless service.
  • We gather, collate and present testing results and work sample responses, ensuring a comprehensive view of each candidate's abilities.
  • All necessary forms are collected, organised and submitted to our client with diligent follow up on any missing items.
  • We provide a complete panel pack including candidate applications, information and interview schedules, streamlining the interview process.
Panel Member Representation:
  • Our professionals actively participate in interviews, contributing valuable insights as well as serving as a scribe during the process.
Selection Report Production:
  • We create a detailed comparative statement, facilitating an informed decision making process.
  • Our nomination report presents the most qualified candidates in a concise and comprehensive manner.
Reference Checking:
  • We conduct thorough reference checks, reaching out to referees to gather valuable insights on the candidate’s background and suitability.
Candidate Feedback:
  • As part of our commitment to transparency and professionalism, we provide constructive feedback to external candidates, ensuring a positive experience regardless of the outcome.

Our Proven Success through Notable Projects:

At First Grade, our track record of excellence is best exemplified through our involvement in notable and relevant projects such as:

Project Management of ATO's Evergreen Program (Jan – July 2022):
First Grade spearheaded the strategic project management of the Australian Taxation Office's (ATO) prestigious Australia wide Indigenous entry level program, Evergreen. From January to July 2022, we orchestrated a seamless recruitment process that aligned with the ATO's diversity and inclusion initiatives, resulting in the discovery of exceptional talent.
Navigating Affirmative Measures for ATO (August 2022 – Current):
Our ongoing engagement with the ATO involved steering the project management of the bulk APS6 and EL1 Affirmative Measures (Indigenous) recruitment process. Our approach integrates expertise and sensitivity, ensuring that the recruitment process upholds the ATO's commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity.
Our Partnership with QLD Treasury:
AO4 Investigations Officer Process (Feb 2023):
First Grade participated as a panel member and provided administration support for the bulk AO4 Investigations Officer process in collaboration with the QLD Treasury. Our involvement contributed to the selection of candidates who possess the requisite skills and qualities for this critical role.

AO3 Service Officer Campaign (Jan – April 2023):
Our active participation on the panel and administration support were instrumental in the success of the bulk AO3 Service Officer campaign, conducted across Maroochydore, Ipswich, and Brisbane for the QLD Treasury. This campaign emphasised the importance of service excellence and dedication within government roles.
Enriching Governance with Councillor Conduct Tribunal (Apr – Jul 2023):
We undertook the recruitment of Casual Members of the Councillor Conduct Tribunal for the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. This project encompassed our dedication to sourcing individuals of integrity and expertise who would uphold the principles of accountability and good governance.

Approved Panel Participation