Why Choose Us?


Seamless Integration for Optimal Results

Beyond traditional recruitment, First Grade is committed to seamlessly integrating our candidates into your teams. We understand that a cohesive workforce drives efficiency, safety, and success. Our candidates contribute to the seamless execution of your project initiatives, facilitating the accomplishment of your goals.


Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

With a decade of experience, First Grade has solidified its reputation as a reliable and excellence driven recruitment partner. We take pride in our ability to source candidates who embody the practical expertise and hands on experience that are critical to project success.


Years of Trusted Partnerships

Leading industry names such as McNab, Tomkins, St Hilliers, Queensland Bridge & Civil and Civcorp have consistently chosen First Grade for their recruitment and labour hire needs. These ongoing partnerships showcase our commitment to providing exceptional talent and customised solutions that perfectly match project and organisation requirements. The trust these respected organisations place in our business reflects our unwavering dedication to upholding First Grade service and professionalism.


Integrate First Grade into Your Supply Chain

When you choose First Grade, you're not only selecting a recruitment and labour hire partner – you're choosing to collaborate with a Supply Nation Certified Indigenous Owned SME. Our partnership offers you more than just access to high performance, game changing talent and seamless project support; it also signifies your commitment to Indigenous Procurement Policies. By incorporating First Grade into your supply chain, you actively contribute to fostering diversity, empowerment and economic growth in Indigenous communities. Let us promote positive change together as we work towards the success of your project and a brighter future for everyone.

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